The CookSista

Welcome to The CookSista!

Proud bakers of traditional all natural South African sweets, treats, cakes, puddings and more!

“We hope that the flavour, texture and aroma of our freshly baked goods will bring back treasured memories of family and friends. May they remind you of your past, allow you to be grateful of your present and optimistic about your future!”

We only use recipes that are well tried and tested, some having been passed down from generation to generation, while others have been updated for a more modern culinary experience. If we don't have your particular favourite on our list, put in a request and we will happily bake your special treat for you.

We deliver once a week to main centers so order the fresh baked goods, throw in some Biltong and Boerwors and browse our imported South African goods section and get it all at once.

Having a function or event?
How about a spread of typical South African treats. All our products are made fresh on order, so please feel free to call for your special request.