Potjie – Cast Iron – Size 4 – 9.3 litre

In South Africa, a potjiekos /ˈpɔɪkiːkɒs/, literally translated “small pot food”, is a dish prepared outdoors. Potjiekos is not really a stew, and most boerekos enthusiasts will frown upon this term being used, because potjiekos is cooked with very little liquid and it is not stirred (see explanation below). It is traditionally cooked in a round, cast iron, three-legged pot, the potjie, descended from the Dutch oven brought from the Netherlands to South Africa in the 17th century and found in the homes and villages of people throughout southern Africa.[1] The pot is heated using small amounts of wood or charcoal or, if fuel is scarce, twisted grass or even dried animal dung.Thanks to Wikipedia for the information.


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